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  Name: Motor Protection Unit       Model: MPU-32
  • Current and temperature protection for three-phase induction motors
  • Meters and logs current, current unbalance, thermal capacity, earth leakage, and temperature

  • Eleven protective functions to extend the life of three-phase motors and reduce down time
  • Reduced Overcurrent setting can decrease flash hazard during maintenance
  • Eighty-character backlit display
  • Compact size for ease of installation and for retrofit applications
  • Standard TIA-232 interface with Modbus RTU
  • Optional TIA-485 with Modbus RTU and Allen-Bradley DF1, DeviceNet, or Ethernet communications
  • Free SE-Comm-RIS PC-interface software
  • Single temperature-sensor input and optional 8-input MPS-RTD modules
  • Universal power supply
  • Three programmable output relays; programmable analog output; programmable digital input
  • Optional phase-differential protection with MPS-DIF module
  • Conformally coated circuit boards
  • Replacement for MPU-16A
  • Lifetime warranty
Typical Applications:
  • Processing, manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, mining, forestry, water and waste treatment facilities, etc.
  • An excellent choice for retrofitting and upgrading applications using existing CT's

System Components:

The MPU-32 uses phase CT's and an earth-fault CT. Applications using 5-A-secondary CT's require an MPU-CIM Current Input Module or MPU-CTI-RT-00 Current Transformer Input Module. MPS-RTD modules can be added to monitor up to 24 additional temperature sensors. An MPS-DIF Differential Module and CT's can be added for differential protection.
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