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  Name: Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor       Model: SE-325
Detects neutral-grounding-resistor failure - NGR failure renders current-sensing ground-fault protection inoperative
Detects ground faults

Continuously monitors NGR continuity
Conforms to CSA Standard M421-00 Use of Electricity in Mines
Meets the requirements of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Mine Safety
Provides main or backup ground-fault protection
Trip delay to coordinate with downstream ground-fault relays
Selectable fail-safe (undervoltage) or non-fail-safe (shunt)operating mode
LED indication of Ground Fault, Resistor Fault, and Power
Conformally coated circuit boards
Five year warranty

Typical Applications:
Transformers and generators with a maximum 25-A NGR in processing, manufacturing, chemical, mining, forestry, petroleum, and water-treatment facilities
NGR monitoring is recommended for all resistance-grounded systems
Can be used with a zigzag transformer and an NGR to provide monitored resistance grounding to upgrade an ungrounded supply
Pulsing ground-fault location systems

Minimum System Components:
The SE-325 requires a CT200 current transformer and a sensing resistor (ER-600VC, ER-5KV, ER-15KV, or ER-25KV).
Outdoor Sensing Resistor Applications

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