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  Name: Time Relays       Model: NGG
  SCHLEICHER has put the all the skill and competence of decades of switching device manufacture into developing a completely new timer generation for all applications with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology at an extremely attractive price, using environmentally friendly materials to economize on resources.
-Integrated concept with 22.5 mm housing width
-16 switchable time ranges from 0.05 s to 300 h
-Multi-voltage relays - AC/DC 24 V to 240 V
-Multi-function relays with up to 16 functions
-Attractive prices through efficient rationalized manufacturing systems

The New Generation NGG has a uniform housing width of 22.5 mm. Depending on the number of changeover contacts, the function and the remote potentiometer connection, the housing height and depth is either 83 x 98 mm or 94 x123 mm.
The housing is made of light grey polycarbonate (PC) with flammability class V0 acc. to UL 94.

Depending on the housing type, the devices have 6.9 or 12 screw-type box terminals with captive Pozidrive screws. The 3.0 mm Pozidrive-2 screws on the box terminals are designed for torque up to 1 Nm to allow use of automatic screwdrivers.



1. 全球规划范围。
2. 大量功能可获得 (达16项)。
3. 所有版本设计为宽电压电源 24-- 240 V AC/DC 。
4. 24 到230 V AC/DC输入信号可用于 B1,独立于电源。
5. 单或多功能,单或多时范围。
6. 16可转换时间范围<0,1 s to 300 h。
7. 可编程输出触点 (即时或延时)。
8. 壳体宽 22,5 mm。
9. DIN-导轨装配(35 mm), 壳体拆卸 (安装-拆卸)不用工具。
10. 延伸的功能和连接兼容Schleicher继电器。

Schleicher NGG系列万能时间继电器

NGM1600 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGM1004 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGM1003 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGM1002 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGMP1001 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGY71 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGY72-S 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGYP72-S 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGZ71 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGZ72 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGZ72-S 300H AC/DC 24-240V 50/60Hz

NGZ320 300H AC/DC 24-240.V 50/60Hz





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