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  Name: U Control Systems       Model: Promodul-U
  Promodul-U is a modular automation system for medium and high performance programmable logic controllers and numeric controllers (PLC & CNC). It can be extended up to 256 function modules and 4096 inputs/outputs. Up to four freely selected control units can be operated as a multi-processor system in the main rack. Up to 64 NC axes can then be controlled in 32 NC subsystems. The multitasking operating system guarantees flexible application of a wide range of programs and optimal utilization of computing capacity through free cycle definition. There is a wide range of modules for configuring the automation system appropriately for the task.

CNC/PLC control units with graded capacities
Control units with CANopen interface
Expert modules for communication (Interbus-S, Profibus-FMS), analog value processing, hydraulic control and temperature control
Modules for axis positioning with Sercos interface or analog setpoint interface
Digital input, output and combination modules
Interface modules for connecting extension racks
Memory cassettes and programming units
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